Unboxing: Haunted Mansion Ghost Post Shipment #1

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As we mentioned in our last episode, here’s our first Haunted Mansion Ghost Post shipment. Some very cool stuff in here, and while we spoiled some of it, we didn’t reveal the answers to most of the puzzly bits contained therein. We’ll be heading out to Disneyland to check out the location-based stuff there, and will chat all about it on our next episode. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses

  1. StoryForward says:

    I’m told a patch has been released, so we’ll be headed out there again soon. Fingers crossed!

  2. JCG says:

    We were able to complete the task in the Silver Spur. The app has to be open when you approach the music box – the music box will light up and will start playing music as you approach. I found it best to stand about six feet back from the music box so that the sensor on top could read my hand movements. It took several minutes for the system to complete its sequence before the next instruction to return to Esmerelda appeared on my phone. The clerk in the store at the time was not aware of the system/program but did call in a manager who said that certain parts of the program – like the disk that you are instructed to find if you scan the music box in the app – have not been installed yet.