057: I Love Bees Creator Retrospective

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Elan Lee, Kristen Rutherford, Sean Steward, Jim Stewartson

Elan Lee, Kristen Rutherford, Sean Steward, Jim Stewartson

Recorded at ARGFest-o-con in Portland, this is the first-ever gathering of the team behind the pivotal I Love Bees alternate reality game, ten years after it changed the gaming world. Elan Lee, Kristen Rutherford, Sean Stewart and Jim Stewartson reunite to take a look back at the ARG that became a gaming culture sensation.

Hear Elan’s original pitch to Bungie, and then we discuss scouting pay phones, lawyers saying no, creating spacial reality in the recording studio, their attempt at a new mantra THIS IS NOT A PUZZLE GAME, rat psychology as applied to player behavior, how story will save you, and more!

Also, their opinions about how Alternate Reality Games fit into the current digital landscape and what they’re excited about that’s coming up.

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