048: Twitter – The Relentlessly Real-time Platform

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Emmett Furey

Emmett Furey

Steve chats with Twitter Fiction experts Jay Bushman and Emmett Furey, as they discuss the history and use of Twitter for creating and maintaining stories and story worlds. What follows is an insightful look into the philosophy and pitfalls of using Twitter, plus some invaluable practical tips you won’t get anywhere else. If you’re even thinking about using Twitter (or other social media) for your story, you won’t want to miss this Twitter Masterclass.

Then, as if that isn’t enough, Steve, Jay and Emmett take part (partake?) in a Cross-Media Moment that takes them from the seedy underworld of Craigslist personals to the seedier overworld of studio websites. And Scarlett Johansson.

Stuff mentioned in this episode:

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