036: I Haven’t Had A Vacation In Eleven Years

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Jason Leaver

Our guests this time around are Robbo Mills, Jason Leaver and Carrie Cutforth-Young, who are the President, Vice President and Treasurer respectively of the brand spanking new International Webseries Creators of Canada (IWCC). You won’t want to miss this, one of the most lively discussions we’ve had on the podcast.

Then, J.C. and Steve talk pretty extensively about summer blockbusters Star Trek: Into Darkness and Iron Man 3, and their differing opinions of the films.

"Robbo" Mills

“Robbo” Mills

Lastly, we bid bon voyage to J.C. as he heads of for the summer for his first real vacation in eleven years. As a result, Steve announces a chance for you to be co-host for an episode during J.C.’s hiatus:

If you’d like a chance to co-host the show with Steve this summer, tweet why you think Steve should pick you as co-host to @storyforward on Twitter, using the hashtag #host. Good luck!

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Carrie Cutforth-Young



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