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092: Professor Henry Jenkins

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The Cross-Media Moment returns in today’s episode, as we make a phone call to The Nice Guys! Plus, in an encore presentation from 2013, Professor Henry Jenkins sits down with J.C. Hutchins and talks about our current culture of shareable, spreadable media in this epic podcast. Links mentioned in this episode: The Nice Guys Henry Jenkins’ …


091: The Revelation of Miss White

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Steve chats with creators John Darvell and David Varela about their recent project, The Revelation of Miss White, which played out exclusively on Facebook. They dig into not only the concept and challenges of story, but the fascinating data they got as a result. Links mentioned in this episode: Haunted Mansion Ghost Post video (feat. Kristen …


090: Haunted Mansion’s Ghost Post Experience

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Steve and Disney aficionado Nick Tierce head out to Disneyland to take part in the super-cool Ghost Post scavenger hunt and customized Haunted Mansion ride. This, ladies and gentlemen, is truly the Future of Storytelling and Entertainment. Links mentioned in this episode: Haunted Mansion’s Ghost Post Mysterious Package Company Our Ghost Post unboxing video Our …

Unboxing: Haunted Mansion Ghost Post Shipment #1

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As we mentioned in our last episode, here’s our first Haunted Mansion Ghost Post shipment. Some very cool stuff in here, and while we spoiled some of it, we didn’t reveal the answers to most of the puzzly bits contained therein. We’ll be heading out to Disneyland to check out the location-based stuff there, and …