Felicia Day

059: Felicia Day – Breaking Traditional Storytelling’s Barriers

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In this encore episode from 2012, former co-host J.C. Hutchins chats with actor, writer, producer and entrepreneur Felicia Day. Day has starred in acclaimed TV series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Eureka, but is perhaps best known as the creator of the groundbreaking, award-winning comedy web series The Guild.  She also co-founded the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel. During …

Maureen McHugh

058: Interactive Writing, Ice Buckets and Going Viral

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Steve’s guest this week is veteran interactive writer and Hugo Award-winning novelist Maureen McHugh. She shares from experience about interactive writing, how it’s different from any other type of writing, the current challenges, and what she thinks the future might hold. Also, she and Steve discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, the events in Ferguson MO, …

photo credit: Jenny Wakefield

057: I Love Bees Creator Retrospective

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Recorded at ARGFest-o-con in Portland, this is the first-ever gathering of the team behind the pivotal I Love Bees alternate reality game, ten years after it changed the gaming world. Elan Lee, Kristen Rutherford, Sean Stewart and Jim Stewartson reunite to take a look back at the ARG that became a gaming culture sensation. Hear …

L-R: Lenore Henry, Geoff May, Preston Thorne, Ariock

056: I Love Bees Player Retrospective

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Recorded live at ARGFest-o-Con on August 2nd, Steve hosts the 10-year Anniversary I Love Bees Player Panel. Four players look back at their experience finding and playing the alternate reality game, and the impact it had on their lives. Featuring Geoff May, Preston Thorne, Lenore Henry and Ariock® Knight, this is a great glimpse into …