Behnam Karbassi

053: Harry Potter, Producers and Potato Salad

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Steve chats with multi-platform producer Behnam Karbassi (No Mimes Media) about Kickstarting potato salad, scaring Toronto with briefcases, waving wands like Harry Potter in Diagon Alley, and the 2014 Emmy nominations. He then shares his origin story and the secret sauce of his particular brand of multi-platform producing. As if that wasn’t enough, ARGNet’s Michael …


052: Bees, ARGFest and Sex Tapes

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Steve chats with Sean C Stacey and Jonathan Waite about the upcoming ARGFest in Portland Oregon, I Love Bees’ Tenth Anniversary, and wraps things up with a Cross-Media Moment from an upcoming summer comedy, Sex Tape. Stuff mentioned in this episode: ARGFest 2014 Extrasolar I Love Bees Jordan Weisman Elan Lee Sean Stewart Kristen Rutherford …

Tim Kring

051: Tim Kring and Connected Experiences

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In this encore presentation from 2010, Heroes creator Tim Kring joins host Steve Peters (NoMimes Media), and talks about the unique challenges of trailblazing transmedia projects in the world of network television, his immersive interactive participation drama Conspiracy for Good, and its surprising connection to Heroes. Whether you’re a Heroes fan, ARG player or new media developer, you won’t want to …