095: The Return of Lonelygirl15

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On its 10th Anniversary, we get to chat with the team behind Lonelygirl15: Jessica Rose (Bree / Executive Producer), Yousef Abu-Taleb (Daniel / Executive Producer), Logan Rapp (Writer/Co Executive Producer of the new project) and Jenni Powell (Executive Producer). Find out about the continuation of the show, along with some secret tidbits about how things went and where …


094: Noah Nelson – The Crossover Episode

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It’s our first ever CROSSOVER EPISODE! Steve teams up with the No Proscenium Podcast’s Noah J Nelson to bring you a whopper of a podcast…almost two hours long! So sit back in a really, really, REALLY comfy chair and enjoy! Links mentioned in this episode: StoryForward’s new Patreon page No Proscenium Podcast You can subscribe …


093: Behnam Karbassi – The Transmedia Producer

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Steve reviews Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Hollywood and heads to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in a new Cross-Media Moment, followed by an encore conversation with Transmedia Producer Behnam Karbassi. Links mentioned in this episode: StoryForward’s new Patreon page StoryForward’s YouTube Channel Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters YouTube Video Potato Salad Kickstarter Harry …

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092: Professor Henry Jenkins

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The Cross-Media Moment returns in today’s episode, as we make a phone call to The Nice Guys! Plus, in an encore presentation from 2013, Professor Henry Jenkins sits down with J.C. Hutchins and talks about our current culture of shareable, spreadable media in this epic podcast. Links mentioned in this episode: The Nice Guys Henry Jenkins’ …