064: Lost Worlds, Lightsabers and Lasting Content

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In this jam-packed episode, Steve chats with author and narrative designer Maria Alexander about the new Star Wars and Jurassic World trailers, film composers, silly lightsabers and working at Disney while being a horror author, along with her new novel, Mr. Wicker. Then we head to StoryForward Los Angeles, where host Hal Hefner chats with …

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063: The Invisible World of Geolocation Games

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Our guest Flint Dille chats with Steve about the film Interstellar and his philosophy about successful mobile geolocation games, such as Google’s Ingress. Along the way, they chat about everything from Gary Gygax to Tiny Toon Adventures to Tiki RPGs. Links mentioned in this episode: Interstellar Scooby Doo Mr. T Show Droids Gary Gygax Howard the …


061: U2, Ubiquitous Gaming and Utopia

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Originally broadcast on ResonanceFM 104.4 in London: Host Steve Peters is joined by Michael Andersen (ARGNet) and Brian Clark (GMD Studios) in this jam packed episode. They talk about current news items and the state of the multi-platform art as it looks and sounds today. Then, Steve takes them through a Cross-media Moment with Channel …