082: Paula Zuccotti – Everything We Touch

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Steve chats with author and photographer Paula Zuccotti about her newly-released book, Everything We Touch: A 24-Hour Inventory of Our Lives. This book uniquely documents a day in the life of almost 70 people around the world by visually chronicling everything they touch. Links mentioned in this episode: Everything We Touch: A 24-Hour Inventory of Our Lives (Amazon.com) …

Mike Selinker

081: A Passion For Making People Squirm

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In this encore episode from 2013, Steve and then-co-host JC Hutchins chat with Mike Selinker, whose puzzles appear regularly in GAMES magazine, The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times. Mike talks with Steve and J.C. about his time at Wizards of the Coast, building ARGs like the one he did for Universal’s Repo Men, and …

Dark Detour 2 Logo2

080: Dark Detour – A Digital Horror Anthology for Halloween

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In this episode, we play a switcheroo! StoryForward LA’s Hall Hefner chats with Steve, Jenni Powell and Nick Tierce about Dark Detour, the digital ghost story that begins this year on October 27th. They chat about last year’s project, how crowdfunding changed for them this time around, and  hint at what to expect in this …


079: The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy

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Steve chats with Kyle Walters (creator/actor), Jenni Powell (producer), Emmett Furey (transmedia producer) and Marken Greenwood (transmedia assistent and transmedia specialists who have produced The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, now wrapping up its second season. They talk about resources, crowd funding and the challenges of balancing between interaction and storytelling. Links mentioned in …