070: LARPing – Cooler Than You Think

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Steve chats with Cecilia Dolk and Aaron Vanek about Live Action Role Playing Games (LARPs). They talk about the differences and similarities with D&D and ARGs, and review some amazing recent games: Inside Hamlet and the Monitor Celestra. So say we all… Stuff mentioned in this episode: Inside Hamlet LARP Live Game Labs Seekers Unlimited …


069: Mike Monello – The Tightrope of Creativity

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In this encore episode from 2012, Mike Monello, who is best known for his work on everything from The Blair Witch Project to Game of Thrones, gives us a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Blair Witch mythology and how to navigate the fine line between creative storytelling, marketing and clients. You can subscribe to the …


068: Exploding Kittens Behind the Scenes

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Steve talks with Exploding Kittens creators Elan Lee and Shane Small about how the card game came about, and the revolutionary strategies and incendiary fun that went into their record-breaking Exploding Kittens Kickstarter campaign. Stuff mentioned in this episode: Exploding Kittens Website Exploding Kittens Kickstarter Page Exploding Kittens Twitter @gameofkittens Exploding Kittens Facebook Page You can …

Hillary_Carlip_Maxine_Lapiduss 2

067: Find Me I’m Yours

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Steve chats with Hillary Carlip and Maxine Lapiduss about their new multi-platform Rom-Com, Find Me I’m Yours. They talk about how the concept came about, the challenge of quality content and how to actually make money doing these things. Stuff mentioned in this episode: Find Me I’m Yours Bridalville Delhicatessen Truck Find Me I’m Yours …